I am pleased to welcome you on our website. Kennel GOLDEN GLOW has been breeding cats Scottish and British breeds of various colors.

Cats, by nature, amazing animals. Located next to them, you realize that you are not alone, you love waiting for, trust, value.The cat always picks up the mood of his master and tries to adjust to it. She, like my mother, wake in the morning, spends at work, and then meet with the work, along with your supper, sing a lullaby and put to bed. When a cat looks at you with her big eyes you have, like, dissolve them.When you spend a hand on a soft, plush coat, it feels like it, like silk caressing your hand, and when it begins murchat. ... What can I say - it's just not feeling passed.After writing these lines, I realize how lucky I am a man, because I can be with these amazing animals. If you also want to have an intelligent, loyal and faithful friend, we always help You pick up the animal, which will be most suitable to your character and rhythm of life. So take a look good, can be your little friend lives from us? 

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