NOTE TO OWNERS OF CATS - the first breeding cats should go to no older than 1.5 years. Remember that a cat as your cat should have all the necessary vaccinations, for 2 weeks prior to breeding cats should take antihelminthic drugs, they need to cut the claws so they do not traumatized by each other.The cat comes in second day of estrus, with a stock of food (for which she was accustomed to) for a few days (1 to 3 days). On the tray, bowls for food and water, and the fact that it is necessary (for example, her house, litter, scratching posts - at your discretion).The appearance of the cat owners should not confuse a cat - the cat must exude health, should look well-groomed, well-fed, clean, without smudges under his eyes, with clean ears, and of course, no fleas.

Immediately arrange with the owner of a cat on the conditions in which this will be specifically:

-Payment method

-Residence time of your cat in the house cat

-Re-mating in the case of not successful the first.
Usually, a cat to have a cat as its territory, he feels more confident. Even if the cat after you took her from the cat's meow, and continues to call a cat that does not mean that there was not mated successfully.In the case of a successful pairing of kittens born after 58-68 days. If you suddenly 2-3 weeks after breeding your cat meowing then began again, maybe she is not pregnant. This is the first mating.

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